Frequently Asked Questions

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Reference Seekers

How many references may I seek for any one opportunity?
RUR has the capacity to handle as many requests as you deem necessary. Most employers require 3-5 references.
What should I do if my references have not responded to my request?
We highly suggest you call those who you've asked to write you a letter of reference and RUR has already sent your request thru to their email account.
How do I provide feedback to References Upon Request?
We rely on your feedback to help us improve our website. Click here to go to our Contact Us page and send us your feedback using the convenient online form.
Is my data secure?
Absolutely. References upon Request has taken extra measures to make sure your data is secure. All letters generated by reference submitters are in PDF format and can only be altered by the submitter.
I'm a small business owner. Can I use this site to manage letters of reference sent by my customers?
You must certainly can. We love to support our small business community in any way possible. Instead of leaving behind worn, sometimes dated, letters of reference, you are only a few clicks away from managing your references electronically.

Reference Submitters

Does the website provide reference letter templates?
Yes, the References Upon Request website provides a variety of templates for reference submitters.
After I complete my letter and submit it, what happens?
Your letter of reference is made available as a PDF to the person who sent you the request. The requestor can then choose to make the letter available to those seeking to validate a reference.
Can I recall my letter of reference, make any adjustments and re-submit...or not resubmit ?
Yes you can make changes to your letter at any point after you've submitted your original letter. Simply go to your member page, and click the reference you submitted.

Reference Validators

Am I able to print and save the references I gain access to?
Absolutely. They are yours for your own particular purposes.